LoPresti: “Yelling and hollering obscenities at me…he grabbed a flyer out of my hand and tore up a picture of my wife and children just inches from my face”

(More weird stories from Matt LoPresti)

SA Jan 10, 2019: … Speaking of flaws, I have a few of my own — so take this opportunity to at least explain my actions as to what drove me to take my opponent’s campaign flyer off a house door prior to the primary election.

Minutes before that video was taken, a man who lives in the area was following me as I was walking away from him, yelling and hollering obscenities at me in the course of my canvassing the neighborhood. He grabbed a flyer out of my hand and tore up a picture of my wife and children just inches from my face.

It was a culmination of these and related events that fueled me to react the way I did and take my opponent’s flyer in a moment of self-indulgence and diverted aggression. As I have previously stated, I immediately regretted my actions, returned the flyer minutes later, and attempted to apologize that day….

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State Supreme Court Declares Fevella the Winner

Aloha Republicans,    January 9, 2019 

After two months of anxious anticipation by Ewa Beach voters eager for change, a monumental decision was made today in career politician Matt LoPresti’s bogus challenge alleging ‘possible fraud’ and claims of ‘altered ballots,’ reaffirming what the rest of Ewa Beach already knew to be true. The Hawaii Supreme Court declared a Republican victory for Senator Kurt Fevella in the 2018 General Election for State Senate District 19.

In court documents filed today at 1:17pm, the Supreme Court determined:

     1. LoPresti did not provide “specific facts” or “actual information” of mistakes, errors, irregularities, error rates, or variances that could change the results (actually, desperate Democrat LoPresti just threw out a lot of baseless accusations after realizing he wasn’t going to win); and

     2. Based upon the findings of fact and conclusions of law, there is no genuine issue of material fact. Plain and simple, Kurt Fevella received the highest number of the votes cast in the November 6, 2018 general election to be elected to the Office of State Senate, District 19. CONGRATULATIONS, KURT!!!


Some party insider information:  At my recommendation, Chairman Ostrov filed a request to submit an ‘amicus brief’ (a ‘friend of the court’ brief) on behalf of Senator Fevella in this matter. I feel very confident that our legal request helped the court to arrive at the right decision. Fevella and the GOP won the day!

Once again, congratulations, Senator-Elect Kurt Fevella. The right candidate won, which brings the misguided, liberal Matt LoPresti era to a merciful end.  Our state senate is now on a better path with the infusion of new blood, just in time for the 2019 session of the State Legislature. Kurt is a caring, hands-on community leader who has proven himself to the people of Ewa Beach for decades.

Mahalo to the State Supreme Court for coming down on the right side of this important contested election, which everybody knows was won fair and square by Senator Fevella. Thanks also to Chairman Shirlene Ostrov, Rep. Bob McDermott and everyone involved in our party’s effort to ensure justice for the hard working voters of Ewa Beach today.



Brett Kulbis

Honolulu County Chairman