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In God We Trust 

“Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono”

The Republican Party of Hawai’i is a passionate group of people united by shared beliefs and common purpose.

We are the party of independent individuals and the institutions they create together: families, schools, congregations and communities.  We serve to advance the ideals and goals they produce.

The U.S. Constitution is our founding document and the enduring covenant between the government and the governed.  And, we uphold the principles established therein: limited government, separation of powers, the rights of the people and authorities of states. Because government is financed by taxing citizens, it is imperative that government programs and spending first and foremost directly benefit those citizens.

That premise has been ignored for 6 decades while Democrats have ruled Hawai’i resulting in long-reaching economic harm. Their mismanagement has saddled the people with staggering debt, burdensome regulation and has sent reasonable expectations of homeownership and financial security too far from reach.

The Republican Party of Hawai’i has a plan for reversing this course, and, a vision for a thriving Hawaii as outlined in our Platform. Let it serve as both guide and action plan in all strategies for improvement within legislative and civic action.



We call on all state and local lawmakers to aggressively reform and measurably reduce all current taxes and spending. Specifically:

  • Remove Excise Tax from basic necessities: food, rent, medicine and medical care.
  • Eliminate punitive over-regulation.
  • Reduce excessive licensing and other fees that impede employment.

We endorse measures that would cap property taxes on personal residences when owners reach age 65.

We advocate for the removal of state taxes on all retirement income, to include deferred earnings within IRA, 401K and accounts of the same nature. We also support the removal of Hawai’i estate tax.

We believe wage limits, earnings and employee benefits are best assessed within their home jurisdiction and, therefore, those determinations ought to be remanded to the states. We advocate for stark reduction of government land holdings for the facilitation of private ownership.

In the interests of aiding the statewide economy and reducing costs and hardship for all people in the Hawaiian Islands, we favor the continued pursuit of:

  • Amending the Jones Act (aka Merchant Marine Act of 1920) and permanent exemptions for Hawai’i.
  • Full funding by the Federal Government for costs incurred by the State of Hawai’i resulting from the Compact of Free Association (COFA) agreement.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i sees the current course of governing as reckless and unsustainable.

We remind elected leaders they are public servants under oath to serve the needs of the people. We urge all government bodies in Hawai’i to make the following changes:

  • Return to an accountable zero-based budget.
  • Identify the urgent needs and issues with the highest negative impact and of most concern to the masses and prioritize spending accordingly.
  • Real cost and benefits must be debated openly; new expenditures should be defendable under scrutiny and justified against measurable benefits.
  • Restrict the size and growth of government to match that of the private sector.
  • Remand services and programs to private enterprise wherever possible.
  • Operate under true transparency by allowing online public access to all expenditures, contracts and audit findings.

The Republican Party of Hawai’i supports the Convention of States: imposing fiscal restraints on government spending, limiting government power and jurisdiction and imposing term limits on all its officials.

Finally, we propose a contingency requiring lawmakers to first reduce spending and existing regulation prior to raising taxes and fees.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i firmly believes that families are the best stewards of a child’s education, and a parental role in choosing curriculum is essential to the quality of the child’s education and overall development.

We object to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning as it embraces low expectations.  Instead, we favor a learning environment that allows for the natural incentives that come from competition, and, where advanced students are encouraged to proceed at a faster pace.

We oppose Common Core state-wide standards, learn-to-test curriculum and data collection practices that place results on student records indefinitely.

We support and encourage ongoing efforts to remove Comprehensive Sexuality Education from all grade levels (K-12) and propose further that the subject matter of procreation be limited to human physiology and reproduction. We strongly endorse the removal of Planned Parenthood involvement in public education.

The Republican Party of Hawai’i proposes adding high school courses in vocational, technical and trade skills.

We endorse the autonomy of home schooling and strongly support options for other alternatives for education.

The Party applauds financial mechanisms such as Education Savings Accounts (ESA), vouchers, and tax breaks on tuition. We support current efforts underway on the federal level to allow benefits under Title I (grants for the poor) and IDEA (aid for the disabled) to be carried and applied to any school the recipients attend.


As host to nearly 9-million visitors a year who will spend upwards of $17 billion here, Hawai’i is given both responsibility and opportunity. The Party acknowledges that in order to stimulate and sustain Hawai’i’s leading industry it must remain the most attractive place on earth, which currently necessitates improvements in many areas of infrastructure.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i finds that HART (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation) is a questionable investment and a major drain on the taxpayers of Hawaii.  We call` for an independent forensic audit along with a sensible review of the current and true transportation needs of Honolulu.

In addition, this project has diverted attention away from the balance of Oahu’s roads and highways. They now need a critical look and timely repairs. We believe that current and future transportation and traffic considerations ought to include ideas and bids from private business, and that these bids be evaluated in fair and open competition.


Hawaii’s homeless numbers are the highest per capita in the nation. The Republican Party of Hawai’i believes this is a direct consequence of poor enforcement of existing laws, statutes and ordinances. County Codes in Hawai’i, Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai expressly restrict access and use of public parks and prohibit squatting in public domain that alone is sufficient to prevent tent placement.  There is added leverage with laws against vagrancy, panhandling and loitering; and, the sit-lie ordinance.  Summoning the will of authority and the manpower to enforce these existing laws are necessary for public health and safety. We see the 190 current job openings for police officers at Honolulu Police Department as an opportunity towards these goals.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i endorses the Hawaiian concept of ‘ohana and sees family as a crucial pillar in every community. It has been proven that the family structure, whether brought together in marriage, by guardianship or adoption, benefits both the individual and society.  ‘Ohana enhances the cause of liberty because lessens the need for government in their daily lives. The Party recognizes there is an increasing demand for low-cost housing the availability of such housing has a direct impact on the health and future of families.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i believes life begins at conception and ends with natural death; and affirm, without exception, that all human lives existing within those markers have the same rights and protections guaranteed all Americans.

We see the sanctity and value of every life as equal, no matter the physical or mental diagnosis given before or after birth. We support bills that limit the options and occurrence of abortion. And, we endorse measures that protect babies in the womb, including: Born Alive Protection Act, 20-Week Pain Capable limits and Heartbeat Protection Act.

We staunchly oppose the allocation of any public funds for abortion and organizations that make it available.

We urge Senate passage of the Hyde Amendment (H.R.7) which has already passed in the House, and expressly limits the application of the funding.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i embraces the compassionate rescue of refugees and recognizes that immigrants enrich our country. We also support existing immigration laws and proposed reforms that concurrently address the needs of national security.

We do not support amnesty for those who have violated immigration laws. Requiring immigrants to enter legally through an adequate vetting process is just and vital to the safety of Americans.

We state our strong objection to safe-harboring any person who has entered the country illegally and seeks ‘sanctuary’ status in Hawai’i.  It is a federal offense to knowingly harbor or conceal anyone who is in the U.S. unlawfully. Therefore, establishing any sanctuary perimeters – sanctuary state, city or zone – clearly undermines the rule of law and violates the public trust.


The Republican Party of Hawai’i believes agriculture in Hawai’i has a great future and it should be nurtured by the state in terms of mentoring, market development, invasive species/pest control, and, food and pesticide safety training. Sufficient long-term leases of state lands are allotted sustainable water resources, upgraded with irrigation and road access and made available to farmers. We encourage the return of farming programs to public high schools.


Military presence provides for the security of the state. We believe the military must not be used for social experimentation. Since 1776, peace in America has been preserved through strength. We support a military that is funded to protect our nation, our people and our way of life.  Specifically, this means that Hawai’i should:

  • Provide training grounds for exercises that are crucial to defense readiness
  • Encourage development of a more reliable missile defense system to ensure the security of our residents
  • Provide adequate services needed to reintegrate veterans into the community


The Republican Party of Hawai’i recognizes and affirms the philosophy and efforts of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, a Republican and the first prince and native Hawaiian elected to U.S. Congress.  In his 19-years of service, he supported legislation for native Hawaiian rights to a land base for housing, farming, and preservation of traditional and cultural practices.  His dream was fulfilled with the passage of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1921.  The Party urges the State of Hawai’i and State Department of Interior amend rules to accelerate awarding of homestead leases, lower the ‘blood quantum’ requirement, and consider converting leasehold to fee simple. The Party recognizes ‘olelo Hawai’i is an official state language and supports the availability of ‘olelo Hawai’i translation in public affairs.


The Republican Party of Hawaii recognizes the truth: the government is meant to serve the people.  As such government is charged with the responsibility to craft long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.  We pledge to hold our government responsible for securing the safety for our ‘ohanas, for expanding our economy, and for promoting fairness and justice for every citizen of Hawai’i.

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