Aloha & E Komo Mai

2018 Hawaii Republican Party Mission Statement

Who we are and what we stand for!

Preamble: Hawaii’s strength and future lies with individuals and our families; Constitutional freedoms empower the people. These, then, are our mission critical statements.


• The life of the innocent is to be protected at all cost from conception to natural death, regardless of economic levels, age, or disabilities, from all harm, abuse and exploitation.


• Government is not to interfere or circumvent parental rights to include but not limited to Education, Health, Faith, and Welfare.


• Government and elected officials exist to serve the people and are accountable to them; the people do not exist to serve government.
• We have the freedom and protection under our constitution, to practice our religious faith which does not end at our front doors or church; our freedom of speech; the right to bear arms; and to be free from government interference, restrictions or over-regulation.
• Government, at any level, should not perform functions which are better and less expensively performed by individuals or private organizations.
• Our Government is to defend our sovereignty and borders and provide infrastructure for the common good.
• Our Government is to enforce laws that allow for a prosperous free market; it should not compete with nor over-regulate the free market.

Fiscal Responsibility:

• Government at all levels, so as not to burden the people and future generations with excessive debt, is responsible for balancing budgets by eliminating waste and unnecessary spending before raising taxes or fees.
• For any new law or regulation that is being considered, an economic impact study should be calculated fairly and disclosed publicly prior to approval and passage.

Individual Responsibility:

• Each and every person is responsible and accountable for the consequences of their actions.
• We embrace the opportunity to help those who are in need of work, food, housing, or medical care in a manner that encourages and requires self-reliance.

Equality of Opportunity:

• Each individual has the opportunity and the right to pursue and achieve their goals, without any guarantee for a particular outcome, and limited only by their own vision, abilities, intellect, and ambition.

Epilogue: Government that governs least, based on the U.S. Constitution, governs best.