News Release from Honolulu County Republican Party, Dec 12, 2018

Honolulu, Hawaii — Honolulu County Republican Party Chairman Brett Kulbis today called on Honolulu City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro and his top deputy prosecutors Chasid Sapolu and Jan Futa to resign their posts immediately.

Kulbis said, “These law enforcement officers needed to do the right thing and step down the moment they learned they’re being investigated and targeted by the Special U.S. Attorney of the United States Department of Justice for the corruption we’ve been enduring at their hands and the Kealoha’s hands for years.”

Kulbis continued, “By remaining in their official positions, the integrity of ALL past and present criminal cases and investigations which the office has prosecuted under Kaneshiro’s supervision and by Sapolu or Futa comes into question.  Long before ever being found guilty, each and every case these three have ever participated in or merely supervised could be challenged on the grounds of their questionable integrity, lack of credibility, or any possible improper influence or directions involving other prosecuting attorneys and staff members in the City Prosecutor’s Office.”

“All taxpayers and Oahu residents should be deeply concerned,” Kulbis argued, “since this situation involving Kaneshiro, Sapolu and Futa could potentially lead to countless criminal cases being dismissed or overturned, with dangerous and/or violent criminals being set free to roam our streets and neighborhoods, creating horrendous public safety issues that threaten the safety and wellbeing of everyone living in the State of Hawaii.”

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