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Make DC Listen – Sign the Petition

Do you think Congress should listen to the people?

Right now, Senator Ted Cruz is standing up for voters across the country who are or will be affected by Obamacare. With the looming October 1st implementation, more and more costs are being discovered every day.

Find out how much ObamaCare will cost Hawaii

and then sign our petition below to Make DC Listen!


Make DC Listen

STAND WITH SENATOR CRUZ - Right now, Ted Cruz is on the floor of the U.S. Senate, sharing the stories of many Americans who are affected by Obamacare.

Do you support Ted Cruz's effort to Make DC Listen & defund Obamacare? Join the Hawaii GOP and sign the "Make DC Listen: Defund Obamacare" petition below!

"Yes, I stand with Senator Cruz! I believe that our representatives in Congress should listen to the people. I am proud to add my name to the list of Patriots nationwide fighting against Obamacare."

Make DC Listen

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